Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Hello Everyone!

We apologize for the delay and its about time we tell you whats been going on! Below is a list of recent updates.

-A link to our website is being included in the next Rolling Ridge Nursery newsletter. The newsletter goes out to several hundred customers, and hopefully many of them will visit the website.
-We were invited to participate in the Watershed Festival hosted by the Watkins Creek Watershed Initiative.
-The Healthy Planet newspaper, specifically the section called Green & Growing, A Voice for Sustainable Gardening, Landscaping and Urban Farming, contacted us about our rain garden efforts.
-Another company agreed to put a link to our website on their website.
-Team LEAF was recognized at an annual award ceremony at our high school for our efforts and for receiving one of the first place prizes of $30,000, bringing the teams total winnings to $40,000.

Thank you all for your help! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Quick Updates

Check out the updated about our rain garden page. You can now click on the plants in our chart for a picture of them in our garden.

Also, the benefits page has been updated. Whether you are a homeowner, a conservationist, a naturalist, a gardener, or a bird watcher - a rain garden can work for you!

Need Help? Don't know where to start? Contact us at


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More News

Hey Guys,

Team LEAF has been busy, getting back to school and balancing the project...sorry it's been a couple days, but we want to keep you up to speed!

So on Tuesday after school two of our team members attended the ShowMe Rain Gardens meeting at Alberici Headquarters. We joined about ten other experts in different areas concerning or related to the environment. For instance, a member of the Missouri Department of Conservation was there, a member from the Metropolitan Saint Louis sewer district, a member of the Saint Louis County Government, an Alberici representative, a member of Greenscape gardens, a wholesale perennial grower, a member of the Shaw Nature reserve, and a couple more. We introduced ourselves in the meeting and also stayed to listen in. We will be serving as Rain Garden ambassadors and volunteers for the program, whose website will launch this May. This is most exciting news for the team.

Many local community members have also gotten back to us. A couple of Ladue residents are interested in installing a rain garden this season and have contacted us as a resource and possible work force. We look forward to helping with design and installation. The weather has also been getting a great deal warmer, so it seems we will be playing in the dirt again very soon.

Our principal also officially endorsed Team LEAF, its efforts, and its goal to install solar panels at the high school....this information is on the website but I don't think we have addressed it on the blog yet. All of your support goes to environmentally friendly efforts!

More later this week. Follow us on twitter too! TeamLEAF and Team LEAF1.

Oh, and heads up, MSD is selling rain gardens to St. Louis community members. They are going for $45 a barrel and there is a limit to 4 per household. Help harness some of the water and save on your water bill! Don't forget to build a rain garden.

happy planting,


Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Just the Beginning...

Last night Team LEAF submitted their final challenge. It was a long and busy time and we only expect to be busier as we continue to promote our website and encourage others to plant rain gardens.
Having the opportunity to compete in this challenge was amazing. Team LEAF owes everyone a big thank you for their support, loyalty, and interest. We hope to continue addressing environmental issues. Even though our project is submitted, we still want to remain advocates of beneficial change.

Please check back often to see more updates!

Speaking of updates....
Yesterday we got an e-mail from another nursery who said that they would link our site to theirs. That makes three links we have so far.
Also, we were invited to a ShowMe Rain Garden meeting this Tuesday at Alberici headquarters. We hope to be able to attend upcoming events and continue our work with rain gardens.

We'll keep you posted. Thanks again!


P.S. - Website has been updated!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick Update

Team LEAF just joined twitter!

We are under the user names TeamLEAF and TeamLEAF1. Come join us!

The website has also been updated a bunch today and more are coming tomorrow!

Thanks to all of our supporters!

The Final Days

Team LEAF is preparing for the final days of the Lexus Eco Challenge competition. Here's what we've been up to:
We completed and posted our PowerPoint for the Missouri Department of Conservation. We included this PowerPoint on our website as well. Please go to and click on Rain Garden PowerPoint to download it and use it as an easy tool to build a rain garden of your own.
We also have continued to spread the word. Our global count is up, which is always exciting and more mass e-mails have been sent out. We have also contacted local nurseries in Missouri and hope to contact more on a national level soon.
Also, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources got back to us and they put up a link to our site on their website! We were really excited about this and hope that our message will reach out farther.
Remember, any questions or comments are always welcome!

-Team LEAF

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today was full of adventures.

Team LEAF went down to Wentzville, about 45 minutes out from Saint Louis, and gave a presentation to the Wentzville city council. About ten board members were present there, all with a background in storm water runoff. The meeting went well - all of the board members were very interested, and we got great questions. One of the board members who does a lot of work with landscaping, and recently with rain gardens, offered for us to help plan and design rain gardens for current and future projects! That was definitely the highlight of the meeting. Also, Flora from SciFri got back to us and said she would check out the site. We hope that our e-mails are working their way around. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive in spreading the word! More later. TL